Our Journey

Our journey started in 1957 with a company called Ferris Instrumentation, a journey into the design, manufacture and supply of industrial instruments by a South African company to the world. Control Instrument Gauge acquired controlling shares in 1988 and bought Rhomberg Brazler(est.1971) known as Rhomberg Electronics to the industry in 1998. With this purchase the companies joined and became known as Rhomberg Pty Ltd. Over the years Rhomberg staff became like family and true Rhomberg family culture was born.

In 2004 an international instrumentation company decided to invest in Rhomberg and acquired controlling shares which placed them as controlling partners. At this time Rhomberg had a staff compliment of over 250 South African’s.
2 years later, in 2006 the company withdrew their total investment and tumbled Rhomberg into a financial downward spiral. The remaining shareholders were unable to carry this enormous financial burden and the company was placed into liquidation in August 2006, resulting in job losses of over 250 people, families.

The instrumentation division was auctioned off and was bought by a South African Engineering company, Executive Engineering. Leaders in the precision engineering field and an appetite to build and grow South African companies, Rhomberg Instruments 2006 was born with a staff compliment of just 23.

 From late 2006, Rhomberg Instruments began their climb to the top again with enormous challenges; regaining the trust of customers, the industry and our supply chain. Reassuring personnel with job security and rebuilding the company to its former glory while still keeping the absolute fundamentals in place. 

Our biggest asset within Rhomberg is our experienced, educated and well-trained staff in their respective areas of expertise. 

Over the past 13 years Rhomberg Instruments has shown a constant growth fighting to become the established company it was before. In June 2010 we relocated to a brand-new state of the art manufacturing facility in Blackheath. All divisions of the company are now strategically placed under one roof in order to optimize the production line process for maximum efficiency. 

Rhomberg Instruments is SABS ISO9001/2015 certified, bosting with a BEE level 2 status and is proud of our SANAS accredited pressure laboratory. 

We are fast becoming the leaders in the designing, manufacturing and distributing of industrial pressure and temperature gauges in South Africa and Africa with a global foot print of 26 resellers. Specifically focused on growing our foot print into Africa and with the assistance and guidance of the CITY’s Business Support Unit and the financial support from the Western Cape Integrated Economic Development department we were able to achieve so much more. 

In 2019 we were able to visit Nigeria, Madagascar and Mozambique, in September we will visit Kenya and Angola is on the cards before the end of the year. These visits enabled us to form business relationships within the industry with business partners in these African countries and enabled us to train, assist and grow these business partners to distribute and support the Rhomberg products throughout their regions. 

With these business venture we are seeing growth within our business and enable Rhomberg Instruments to join the fight against poverty and unemployment, creating more job opportunities for our youth and our unemployed. We have actively employed and upskilled young people at Rhomberg Instruments over the years and grew our staff compliment to 66. 

Rhomberg Instruments is a proudly South African gauge manufacturing company with true South African core values and encourage our customers, suppliers and public to visit our state-of-the-art facility in Blackheath.